Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons

Cosy grilling is one of many people’s favourite activities during the warmer and sunny season. This remains with the unique Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons from Thurgau/Switzerland
no longer so.

Under the motto “enjoy and experience the smell of switzerland all year round“, Swiss-wide grilling is now a year-round pleasure.

Whether meat, fish, vegetables, fondue, raclette, cheese toast, fried eggs, marroni, mulled wine, flame cake, pizza, minestrone, rösti, risotto, suckling pig, and, and, and… – is possible on the multifunctional grill innovation simultaneously and at any time of the year!

Swiss quality – 10-year warranty


Cross grill in chrome nickel steel stainless and walnut handles, sanded with colour version red powder coated

Use of heat-resistant high-quality sheets/metals

Multifunctional suitable for 10 people and more

4 grill areas each 50 x 36 cm; divided into 1 grill grate, 1 Maroni roast,

1 teppanyaki plate, 1 shatmotstone holder with 2 shamrocks
and 1 Grillspiess attachment (all applicable in any grill area)

Tipping hood with thermometer for use with upper heat

3 fireplaces for coal or wood

1 adjustable gas firing with electric ignition,

2 high-performance torches incl. 2 safety valves and oil collection plate (excl. gas cylinder)

4 lockable substructure cabinets (1 x for gas cylinder and 3 x for a storage space with 1 inner shelf each)

2 integrated corner tables for hanging for aperitifs, food or for set-up

1 bowl for easy emptying of the coal

1 Grill tool holder

Easy handling and quick commissioning (gas firing heated to 300 degrees in max. 10 minutes)

In-house handmade production in Swiss Made quality


Optionally available:

Additional gas firings

Additional grill grate

Additional teppanyaki plates

Additional Maroni roasts

Additional bracket with 2 shatmot stones

1 Additional tilting hood with thermometer

Mobile barbecue hoods

1 suckling pig attachment incl. Electric motor

Additional corner tables

Additional shelves for substructure cabinets

1 Ashscraper

4 or 7 Schwiizer Grill Panorama Spiesse (mountain ranges of Switzerland)

Grill toweds by Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons


10 year warranty

(except wear parts, discoloration and wear and tear)

Offer request

We are there for them


Monday to Friday

07:30 – 12:00

1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.



+41 71 626 70 10



Amriwilerstrasse 55
8570 Weinfelden

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