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Our story

over the last few years

Spring 2017


Brainstorming under the motto “How can we make a lasting contribution to Swiss society with our professional skills and performance?” takes place

Summer 2017

The basic idea

The basic idea of a barbecue with the aim of promoting community in society is emerging. Initial market clarifications are carried out and the technical requirements profile is created

Autumn/Winter 2017

Market clarification

In-depth market clarifications are carried out and a basic technical concept is drawn up

Winter/Spring 2017/18

First prototype

First prototype based on a round grill concept is produced

Summer 2018

Second prototype

Second prototype with the round grill concept with various adjustments is made – no satisfactory multifunctional solution is available – round grill concept is no longer pursued

Autumn/Winter 2018/19


Basic realignment in the invention of a grill and the basic concept for a cross grill is created

Winter/Spring 2019

Cross grill concept

The basic concept for a cross grill emanating

Summer 2019

Cross grill construction

Comprehensive construction of the cross grill incl. all necessary technical and functional clarifications are carried out

Late-summer 2019

Finding product name

The cross grill emanates the name “Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons” (Switzerland = 4 landing languages and 4 seasons), web domain is reserved and market launch concept is created

Autumn 2019

First prototype

The first prototype of the Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons is produced, the logo is developed at the same time and the market launch concept goes into realisation

Autumn/Winter 2019

Second prototype

Second prototype of schwiizer Grill 4 seasons is manufactured, registration design protection is made, logo of Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons stands and registrations of word mark and figurative mark take place

Winter 2019

Third prototype

Third prototype of the Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons comes from production, final final structural adjustments take place in terms of material use, stability, painting resistance due to high heat generation and aesthetics

January/February 2020

Series production

Series production Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons

Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons can go into series production, design protection as well as brand and logo protection are available and market entry can take place on February 28, 2020

February 28, 2020 11:00 AM


Bern Bundeshaus Anita Burri and Stefan Burkhalter

Market entry with the Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons,Café Entrecote Fédéral on the Bundeshausplatz in Bern, with the brand ambassadors Anita Buri and Stefan Burkhalter as well as guests from politics, business, the hotel industry, gastronomy, excursion destinations, music, show business, etc. and the Contributors to schwiizer Grill 4 seasons

11 June 2020 Märstetten

1. Delivery Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons

Station 31 Delivery

The catering company “Station 31” in Märstetten has received the first “Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons”. At the first delivery Stefan Burkhalter, successful swinger, actor, bodyguard and brand message of the Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons.

“That’s a cool thing, so we can bring people together at the barbecue,” says Jan Knus. Together with Quirina George, he runs the event venue “Station 31” in Märstetten TG.

We are there for them


Monday to Friday

07:30 – 12:00

1:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.



+41 71 626 70 10



Amriwilerstrasse 55
8570 Weinfelden

Our partners:

Gastro Thurgau Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons Partner
FMS Restaurant Canteen
Almega AG Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons Partner
Station 31 Märstetten
Grill concepts-by Erni Gartenarena
Barbecue concepts
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