Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons


We introduce ourselves

“s’ganzi Johr Schwiiz smouldering, gable and simmering”

“Degustare, godere e vivere la Svizzera tutto l’anno”

“Toute l’année savourer, vivre et goter la Suisse”

“Igl entir onn gustar, guder e viver la Svizra”

“Taste, enjoy and experience Switzerland all year long”






Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons



Schwiizer Grill 4 seasons – an innovation from Almega AG

The unique Schwiizer Grill 4 Seasons, which is protected by design and brand protection, is developed and manufactured by us as a Thurgau family-owned Company of The SME, Almega AG in Weinfelden. Since 1959, we have been providing a variety of design and production services in vehicle construction, plant and apparatus construction and medical technology with the highest degree of precision in metal technology. We have all the necessary certifications and quality standards. In all our work, we also pay attention to our environment, in which we reuse residual materials or return them to the recycling process.

The promotion of employees and apprentices is very important to us and, in addition to the continuous training of our specialists, we have so far successfully succeeded over 35 apprentices as plant and apparatus builders, polymechanics, metalworkers, production mechanics and merchants. Trained.

As Almega AG, we are committed to biblical ethics and want to be inferring from this in our business dealings with each other, friendly, courteous, helpful, transparent, sincere, responsible, appreciative, cooperative, trusting and be reliable.

With our products and services we want to inspire our customers. We consciously use the potential of our employees to develop our services to our customers on an ongoing qualitative development. In all our work we always strive for the highest quality and in cooperation with our customers we pursue the goal of a win-win situation.

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Amriwilerstrasse 55
8570 Weinfelden

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